Sunday, May 12, 2013

Easy Recovery Essentials (EasyRE) review

I have a Lenovo G555 laptop that is stuck in a Windows 7 boot loop.  The laptop reboots during the black Starting Windows sequence.  When selecting safe mode, it hangs on atipcie.sys.  The Windows install disk takes forever to load for some reason, I used recovery and automatic repair on that disk but the problem still persists (It took several hours to finally complete).  I decided to give EasyRE a try based on the many positive reviews.  The automatic repair takes forever to load on my machine, similar to the Windows install disk automatic repair.  I was stuck at "Please Wait" for what felt like about 15 minutes:

Once it finally loaded, it was unable to find any valid Windows installs on the disk where Windows is installed and attempts to boot from:

I decided to use the browse/backup files function to try and salvage the files so I can just reformat and reinstall Windows.  When selecting my hard drive I receive an error.  Any other volume browses just fine, including the other thumb drive I inserted to test:

I tried the partition editor, where only the bootable USB drive showed up, the hard drive wasn't shown at all.  I was starting to think the EasyRE software must not be very good so I tried hooking the drive up to my desktop PC.  While the drive is hooked up, I selected my working hard drive to boot from.  It freezes on the black Starting Windows screen.  I think the laptop hard drive is just physically broken at this point. I am going to take it into the repair shop to see if they can recover my files.

As far my experience with EasyRE the purchase and download process was very pleasant.  The file size was only about 50mb.  I am unsure what will happen when new versions are released but it seems the single download of the current version is all you get.  Burning it to a CD was very easy and painless. I decided to create a USB because it may run faster on the machine (it didn't).  Creating a bootable USB was a little more difficult but using the instructions contained in the email I received with my purchase I was able to create the bootable USB using EasyBCD which I was able to obtain for free for personal use only.  The EasyRE software boots up well and seems to contain all the features it claims to.  I'm sure that it would have fixed my problems if they were software only, but I am almost certain the hard drive is physically broken.  I feel that EasyRE is quicker, easier but most importantly more powerful and feature rich that the Windows installation disk.  A single successful use could easily justify the cost.  I intend keeping it in my arsenal of PC repair tools for the next time Windows won't boot on one of my PCs.  EasyRE can be purchased here, use "play demo" for a nice video walk-through of features:


  1. Strangely, I was able to access and back up my files using a tricky method and the Windows 7 install disk:

  2. I strictly advise to don't buy this product. Whatever they mentioned in their website are false info. I purchased this tool and they sent me link to download software. That software was not successful to boot my PC. Then i sent a email and they sent me different options. Nothing was working. Since they advertised as GUARANTEED, i asked about refund. That's it after that no reply at all.

    They are big cheaters.. Don't get cheated.

    1. "sent a email and they sent me different options. Nothing was working. Since they advertised as GUARANTEED, i asked about refund. That's it after that no reply at all."

      My experience with them exactly... Definitely NOT as advertised!

  3. Well my experience with this software is very good. I messed up my new windows 8 dell PC. Everything i tried failed except this tool. It was a just matter of few minutes, Easy Recovery identified the issue and fixed it.

  4. i suppose Farid Khan is a friend of the developer,Mahmoud. Arent you farid?

  5. After booting from the downloaded and burnt .iso file I was presented with 3 menu options. It automatically selected the first option and proceeded merrily on it's way to generate a list of files it could not find. It then exited leaving me with a blank screen.
    Don't waste your time and money buying this piece of crap.